Finding Time for Routine Automotive Service is Easier than Ever with Online Scheduling from Kia of Bowie

Your high-quality Kia requires a certain level of expertise, care, and maintenance to run great and last a long time. At Kia of Bowie, we're more than just the dealership that drivers turn to shop for Kia cars and SUVs. We're also the local team of experts that you can trust throughout the entire Kia ownership experience, and our service team is here to help you with all your service needs.

From tire rotations every few thousand miles that help your tires wear and tear evenly, to periodic, routine oil changes that keep your engine running smooth, our team can do it all with expertise and efficiency. Our team is trained and certified by Kia to know the ins and outs of each model better than your neighborhood garage, and we can help you care for your vehicle for the long haul.

Not only can you count on our professional service team to be there for you throughout your automotive journey, but you can also rely on us to make the process seamless and easy. One way we do that is with the schedule service form on this page.

Using this form, you get to pick the date and time that best works for your busy to-do list, so maintaining your car is always easy and never a hassle. We understand that life is busy and our customers have a lot on their plates, and this form is one way in which we go above and beyond to simplify your busy calendar.

Schedule your next Kia service appointment online and discover a vehicle ownership experience unlike any other. Once you set up and online account here, we'll even help you track your appointments, so you'll always know that your vehicle is up to date on required maintenance. Get started soon. We look forward to working with you.